Our company

We are an established and independent corporate finance advisory firm based in Zurich. Since our establishment in 2007 we have thrived to expand our competencies and we have built a wealth of experience, in order to support our clients in challenging situations. We trust on our key success factors, which make our advisory services peculiar for our clients:

  • We take a client-centric perspective, focussing on their specific needs. We emphasise a long-term approach to client relationships. 
  • We pride ourselves in applying a professional attitude to all of our activities, fully aware that our reputation is one of our key assets. We are aware of the vital importance of customer confidentiality to the quality of our work and our reputation. 
  • We strive to deliver service of exceptional quality to our clients, for each project tailored to their specific needs. Innovation and adaption to the current environment are the key to success.
  • We manage our business in the spirit of an entrepreneurial culture, focussed on sustainable, long-term success.

Based on these success factors, we guide our international, national and regional clients and we have gained an outstanding track record along the way.